Sarah B. Johnston 

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  My research interests are in industrial organization and energy and environmental economics.  

My CV is here.


416 Taylor Hall

427 Lorch Street

Madison, WI 53706


Non-refundable Tax Credits versus Grants: The Impact of Subsidy Form on the Effectiveness of Subsidies for Renewable Energy.  Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economics 6 (2019): 433-460.


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Sweating the Energy Bill: Extreme Weather, Poor Households, and the Energy Spending Gap (with Jaqueline Doremus and Irene Jacqz) Forthcoming at Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

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Working Papers:

Dynamic Inputs, Misallocation, and Policy: Evidence for Electricity-Intensive Manufacturing

Selected Work in Progress:

Policy Uncertainty and Investment in Wind Energy (with Chenyu Yang)