Sarah B. Johnston 

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  My research interests are in industrial organization and energy and environmental economics.  

My CV is here.


416 Taylor Hall

427 Lorch Street

Madison, WI 53706


Non-refundable Tax Credits versus Grants: The Impact of Subsidy Form on the Effectiveness of Subsidies for Renewable Energy.  Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economics 6 (2019): 433-460.


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Sweating the Energy Bill: Extreme Weather, Poor Households, and the Energy Spending Gap (with Jacqueline Doremus and Irene Jacqz) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 112 (2022) 102609.

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Working Papers:

Dynamic Inputs, Misallocation, and Policy: Evidence for Electricity-Intensive Manufacturing

Causes and Consequences of Policy Uncertainty: Evidence from McGirt vs. Oklahoma  (with Dominic Parker)

Backup Power: Public Implications of Private Substitutes for Electric Grid Reliability (with Paul Brehm and Ross Milton)

Renewable Energy on American Indian Land (with Dominic Parker, Bryan Leonard, and Justin Winikoff)

Selected Work in Progress:

Policy Uncertainty and Investment in Wind Energy (with Chenyu Yang)